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Percolate’s complete suite of social listening, campaign management, content marketing, and social customer care tools help leading brands identify and engage the people who matter most across every social channel.

With calendaring, translation support, flags, tags, social inbox, collaborative routing, and integrations for helpdesk, CRM, and social advertising, Percolate connects you more closely with customers, while also making your brand stronger, safer and more informed.

Key Features & Benefits

Percolate’s integrated workflows for content creation, distribution, paid media, audience management, social listening, customer care, and analytics give you a comprehensive system to monitor your social brand, deliver personalized customer interactions, and unify social and non-social channels to provide more consistent customer experiences.

Brand Safety and Social Media Compliance

With two-factor authentication, flexible user permissions, integrated brand compliance prompts, support for multiple approver roles and customizable social listening streams, Percolate’s brand safety capabilities are already trusted by the world’s most valuable brands. For enterprise brands with extensive social listening needs, Percolate’s analytics, listening and intelligence partners further enhance our core platform.

Integrated Social Advertising and Analytics

In addition to social planning, publishing and listening, Percolate offers full audience acquisition and analytics capabilities. First, marketing teams can coordinate media buying activities with Percolate’s Facebook and Twitter paid media workflows, or use our advertising partnership integrations to launch optimized campaigns. Percolate’s configurable topic and tag-based analytics let teams measure cross-channel marketing performance by content type, topic, theme, channel, target audience and more.

Source User-Generated Content Seamlessly

Percolate also lets you request and collect user-generated content (UGC) within your social listening and monitoring streams, making it the most convenient solution for sourcing UGC by hashtag. Once a fan approves your photo request, the content is immediately synced to your Percolate Asset Manager for use across every marketing channel.

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