Social is a visual medium, with over 1.2 billion photos shared each day across just four major social networks. We know that creating branded visuals at the scale social demands is a large challenge for most companies.

Enter Percolate’s new Image Editor, with the ability to create great visual content for social in a matter of seconds.

Teams can crop to preset ratios for social platforms, apply filters, set brand colors, overlay text in their custom fonts, and easily drag-and-drop logos and other brand stickers for a ready-to-publish image.

Percolate codes all brand identity elements into our software, helping teams to move as quickly as possible without risk of going off-brand. And with 32 million stock photos to customize, teams can easily create and publish branded images at the speed of social.

Want to learn how Percolate can help your brand create custom content easily and effectively? Be in touch for a demo today and see our entire platform in action.