The majority of your social content marketing can’t be off the cuff. It needs to be planned and it needs to relate to your broader content strategy. Breaking social out of its silo is an essential step in achieving true omnichannel marketing maturity – and driving operational efficiency across regions. Many marketers underestimate the potential of their social media marketing tools to help them better align and execute on their greater content strategy.

Download our guide to learn how to scale your social media content across regions and increase the efficiency of your brand building efforts. Learn how brands like GE and Albertsons are excelling at social content marketing at scale by:

  • Breaking down silos – connect social content marketing to the larger content strategy
  • Sharing assets globally – ensure all social content marketing is high-quality and on-brand
  • Enriching social content publishing workflows with analytics about previous usage
  • Seamlessly collaborating on social media campaigns as well as individual social content posts