For marketers, user-generated content can be an authentic, effective way to connect with fans and potential customers. However, UGC is also prohibitively difficult for many marketers, given its inherent legal and copyright concerns. Consumer photos are difficult to manage in a timely manner, and as marketers curate amateur content, they still have to ensure brand consistency. Many brands are asking themselves:

What’s the best way to manage user-generated content? 


Working with Percolate to source user-generated content, Detroit-based Shinola has been able to tap into a huge pool of user-created media. Shinola curates UGC imagery straight from followers who include the campaign hashtag #MyShinola, using Percolate to obtain image rights to the content. Percolate lets Shinola secure full legal rights to user content in minutes, streamlining their compliance process.

In a short amount of time, this new workflow has helped Shinola grow its media library without costly photo shoots, increase visual post frequency and engagement on its Facebook page, and show thanks to its fans by publicly featuring their signature looks.


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