David Beebe, Emmy-winning producer and content marketer, sat with Tickr’s David Dowling and Percolate’s Chris Bolman for a discussion on the concept of a command center around social media. In today’s analytics-driven world, brands should be using data and content to build loyalty and win the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers – in real time. To learn more, check out our blog.

In this discussion, we cover:

  • The purpose of real-time social
  • Framework around how marketing teams build out a command center
  • The new mandate for rapid-response crisis management
  • Best practices for real-time marketing using real examples

Featured Speakers

David Beebe

Declared by AdWeek as a “Branded Content Master Who Makes it OK to Love Marketing,” David Beebe is one of the entertainment and marketing industries most influential brand storytellers, content marketers, and speakers about content marketing and brand storytelling. Beebe was the first ever VP, Global Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott Intl., where he led a global team of over 120 people responsible for content marketing for 30 brands. He created the Marriott Content Studio, Marriott Traveler, and “M Live” – the Real Time Marketing Command Center, which won Gold and Silver Creative Data Lions at Cannes.

David Dowling

David Dowling is the VP of Sales at Tickr, an Open Data Platform brings enterprise metrics, marketing & advertising, social media, and finance & operations data together in a single UI.

Chris Bolman Director of Integrated Marketing

Chris Bolman

Chris Bolman is VP, Marketing at Percolate, a software company building The System of Record for Marketing. At Percolate, he manages cross-channel initiatives ranging from events and advertising to content publishing and marketing engineering. Connect with him on Twitter @ChrisBolman.