Percolate Relay: A code-less automation and integration engine designed to power the modern marketer.

Percolate Relay automates important workflows to accelerate work and establishes quick connections of complementary tools to move important information between two systems. With Relay, your team gets the flexibility to self-service, design, and build their own connections and automations at scale, removing the need for IT intervention.

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Adding Percolate Relay to your organization's MarTech stack unlocks...

Efficient Work

Build automated workflows for business-critical processes to complete tasks and projects faster, creating a modern, engaged user experience in Percolate.

Templated Solution Library

Gain the agility required to consistently meet the needs of the business by leveraging templated use cases to deliver integrations and automations that are quick to deploy and easy to maintain.

A Connected Enterprise

Unlock project visibility by synching information in teams, complementary apps, and data across your enterprise

Featured Relay Connectors

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