Preparing for 2020: Mastering the Modern Tech Stack

Useful frameworks for building and mapping your organization’s marketing tech stack

Over the last few decades, we’ve witnessed a total transformation of the challenges facing marketer organizations. These changes have resulted in Marketing Operations and the tech stacks and processes that they manage becoming increasingly critical to marketing impact. As marketing’s ability to drive results becomes more and more bottlenecked by the availability of well-coordinated, high-quality content, understanding how your marketing teams tools contribute to their business goals will be essential. Download our eBook “Preparing for 2020: Mastering the Modern Tech Stack” to learn useful frameworks for building and mapping your organization’s marketing tech stack. 

Insights from this eBook include:

  • Details on why content will become marketing’s biggest bottleneck by 2020
  • Strategies for aligning your marketing tech stack with industry best practices
  • Seven methods for designing a marketing technology stack diagram to better understand critical facets of your company’s technology investment

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