To help you save time and stay organized, Percolate offers integrated web briefs. Only Percolate lets you copy and template briefs, run them through flexible, zero-email approval chains, and perform data analysis on how your campaigns get created. With Percolate, you get one place to organize all your planning, production, and execution across product launches, advertising campaigns, events, or any other marketing project.

Customizable Campaign Templates

Don’t do the same setup work twice — build templates your team can use over and over to guide their creative work. With Percolate’s custom campaign briefs, you can create, save, and reuse templates that outline and centralize everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign, from brainstorming and business objectives to budgeting and audience targeting.

Empowering Better Global Teamwork

Organize your ideas, not your inbox. With Percolate’s conversation stream, you can talk to teammates, assign tasks, and see progress updates right from your campaign brief. Move your campaigns forward faster through the creative process and easily streamline the execution of every marketing activity.

A Single View of Planning with a Global Calendar

Tired of planning spreadsheets? Campaign briefs sync real-time right to Percolate’s Marketing Calendar, allowing you to bring together global and local teams inside a collaborative, cross-channel marketing calendar for social campaigns, marketing automation, events, editorial and even TV.