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Learn how Percolate helps brands create great content for Instagram.

With 55 million photos created and shared each day, Instagram’s visual focus offers a great opportunity for brands to tell stories and connect with consumers.

For brands, part of the challenge is how to connect a unique, mobile-focused platform like Instagram to larger social marketing efforts. Percolate can help.


Working with Percolate and our suite of mobile applications, brands can now publish images from their Media Library directly into Instagram, along with every other major social network.

Additionally, with Percolate’s user-generated content application, FanBranded, brands can take advantage of the millions of photos shared each day. Teams can discover and customize amazing social images with a simple collaborative workflow. Request a demo to see exactly how Percolate can help your brand build a visual identity across social channels.

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"One of the biggest keys to our marketing success at GE is our ability to produce and share compelling visuals... Percolate's suite of visual tools, from the media library to the image editor, has allowed us to take our marketing to another level entirely."
Katrina Craigwell — Head of Global Digital Programming at GE
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