Learn How to Maintain Creativity at Scale

Use this guide to increase your marketing team's content output without sacrificing the creative freedom that makes your work stand out.

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As B2B marketing organizations under pressure to produce high volumes of creative content beef up their content production capabilities, a real tension has emerged between the creative freedom that a content team needs to do great work and the predictable methodology that larger organizations require to maintain order and consistency at scale.

Creating a balance between creativity and methodology in the content marketing process is essential in order to rapidly scale content marketing organizations. This guide will help your organization to: 

  • Rethink how you manage your creative process
  • Determine what parts of your content marketing process have more creative varience
  • Apply sensible rules that clearly identify when there is flexibility and when there is not
  • Create a "system of record" for creative output that enables scaling

Download the guide today and discover how your marketing process can achieve balance.

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