Percolate’s enterprise marketing management software helps hundreds of the world’s largest brands deliver consistent, brand-safe messages and experiences across all their marketing channels and regions.

End-to-End Brand and Communications Management

Percolate gives global and regional marketing teams powerful tools to increase their creativity, alongside enterprise-grade controls to ensure every message and piece of creative is organized, compliant, and properly reflects the brand. Use integrated solutions like the Percolate Digital Asset Manager, image editor, and custom approval chains (including Percolate’s mobile approver app for iOS and Android) to configure and implement the right brand management system for your business.

Unique Brand Analytics and Insights

Percolate provides marketing and technology leaders with a complete and comprehensive track record of their brand’s global marketing activity. With Percolate’s customizable topic and tag analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your communications by brand element, theme, content type, channel and more.

Brand Consistency, Security and Compliance

With two-factor authentication, flexible user permissions, customizable brand compliance prompts and support for multiple approver roles, Percolate’s brand security capabilities are trusted by the most valuable brands.