In 2011, MasterCard’s Corporate & Digital Communications Group realized their brand reached millions of people around the world each month across its digital channels, but owned less than 1% of the conversation. In short, the brand’s broadcast-style efforts weren’t translating to share of voice or customer engagement. MasterCard needed to tell more relevant stories around the world faster, smarter and cost-effectively.

Since then, MasterCard has been hard at work transforming the way it communicates and engages with its audience. In the midst of this transformation, MasterCard’s SVP of External Communications Andrew Bowins and VP of Global Digital Communications Jennifer Stalzer saw a need for a systematic approach for planning, collaboration, content creation and publishing, 
and turned to Percolate.

This case study describes how MasterCard’s Global Engagement Bureau teams used Percolate across 7 regions and 11 languages to increase team productivity, publish over 5,000 brand stories on websites like MasterCard’s Cashless Pioneers Blog, and generate a 300% increase in traffic to