In recent years, GE’s global marketing team has identified three target innovation areas:

  1. Process standardization
  2. Reducing content costs
  3. Improving marketing effectiveness and ROI

Since 2012, GE has entrusted Percolate to serve as its system of record for marketing. This case study describes Percolate’s role in GE’s global marketing workflow for dozens of agency partners, hundreds of content creators and thousands of creative assets across different business units. It also details how Percolate is helping GE achieve its strategic goals to establish standardized global and regional marketing processes, drive down content costs, and improve the quality and consistency of GE’s marketing worldwide.


“The new planning system that Percolate developed for our team is allowing us to scale our content strategy in a very meaningful way. Seeing all of our campaigns in a single location and collaborating with our colleagues has never been easier. The planner is helping us extract more value from our content and align a diverse set of teams across our organization.”

Katrina CraigwellKatrina Craigwell — Head of Global Digital Programming at GE