Today, 57% of B2B marketers run a B2B blog as part of their company’s content marketing strategy. It’s a quick, agile medium to get your brand’s most important messages out to your audience and generate engagement. But maintaining a successful B2B blog with a steady stream of high-performing content isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to establish a content production workflow that ensures your team plans, pitches, writes, and edits effective and on-message posts at a regular cadence. Download our free guide to managing a B2B blog to learn:

  • A simple four-step workflow for managing the B2B blog content production process that will help you scale blog content at the enterprise level 
  • Tips on briefing, editing, and measuring the success of your B2B blog content, ensuring that your team is continuously improving their strategy and processes
  • Insights into how Content Marketing Platforms help marketers find efficiency and success with their B2B blog, including how specific features can make content marketers more productive and effective in their day-to-day operations

Use this simple step-by-step handbook to implement new processes and enable your team to become more efficient and effective at content marketing now and in the future.