Today, marketers have new mandate: to craft a coherent and consistent customer experience without losing efficiency or scalability. But with an ever-increasing number of touchpoints and channels, the customer journey is more complex than ever. Creating the right content to cater to each stage, persona, and platform is a challenge that few organizations have mastered. A Content Marketing Platform is an essential solution for brands looking to invest in updated tools and process for producing the right offers to engage their customers.

Download our guide to the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) software category to learn about this emerging enterprise solution, including:
  • A clear definition of what a Content Marketing Platform is according to both major analyst firms and market-leading vendors
  • A summary of the typical features of a best-in-class Content Marketing Platform
  • A discussion of how implementing a Content Marketing Platform can help your brand increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing operations
  • Examples of how FORTUNE 500 brands are using Percolate to drive customer experience excellence and omnichannel alignment