Guide to Understanding and Building a Best-of-Breed Martech Stack

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Use this simple guide to map and build a best-of-breed martech solution that gives your marketing team the exact tools and functionality they need to create, build, scale, and measure effective enterprise marketing programs.

As marketing organizations adapt to a world built on data and connection, one thing becomes increasingly clear: moving forward means leaving silos behind. By creating a martech ecosystem based on best-of-breed marketing solutions, your company will be able to eliminate silos while retaining the freedom to choose the tools that best meet your team's specific needs.

In this guide you will learn why best-of-breed is better, more efficient, and more effective than an all-in-one solution, including:

  • The benefits of adopting a best-of-breed martech stack
  • The importance of selecting tools that are built with enterprise-level, highly functional API
  • The important role that an orchestration platform plays in connecting a best-of-breed martech ecosystem
  • How to connect tools to facilitate streamlined workflows, easier quality control, and better analytics
  • Specific examples from the Percolate orchestration platform

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