In this presentation, Intel’s Social Media Governance Manager, Mary Taylor; Proofpoint’s VP of Business Development, Ray Kruck; and Percolate’s Director of Integrated Marketing, Chris Bolman will delve into a mechanics of brand compliance systems that enable creative teams to efficiently produce their best work across channels and markets.

Featured Speakers

Mary Taylor Social Compliance Manager

Mary Taylor

Mary is the Social Media Governance Manager at Intel Corporation. She oversees more than 300 accounts globally, setting the policies, guidelines, and training needed to protect Intel’s brand and its employees. She is a 20+ year veteran of the high tech industry, working for Apple, HP, and Intel. She holds degrees from Michigan State University and a Masters from Santa Clara University.

Ray Kruck VP of Business Development

Ray Kruck

Ray is the VP of Business Development at Proofpoint and was the Co-Founder and leader for the sales, business development efforts at Nexgate, an enterprise social media security and compliance company, until it was acquired by Proofpoint, Inc., in 2014. Ray has a 15+year career in enterprise security and has led business development and sales teams at companies like Websense, Check Point Software, Voltage Security, and Baltimore Technologies. Ray’s leadership experience spans the technology, automotive and consumer retail markets in Canada, United States and Europe. Ray is a University of Toronto graduate and holds an MBA from University of British Columbia.

Chris Bolman Director of Integrated Marketing

Chris Bolman

Chris is the Director of Integrated Marketing at Percolate, a thoughtful technology company that’s transforming marketing at brands like GE, Marriott, Converse, and WeWork. Prior to Percolate Chris founded and led a social marketing software startup he grew to profitability, thousands of active users, and customers in 23 countries in less than six months. You can also find him on Twitter.