Kirsten Eisenhut-Kallee, Social Media Manager at Sivantos, sits with Percolate’s Caitlin McCormick to discuss how the Sivantos team coordinates marketing strategy and content across global and local markets. Watch to learn about how one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids plans and executes their global marketing strategy

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How Sivantos thinks about localizing content and social across markets
  • Best practices for setting up content guidelines
  • The benefits and business impacts of implementing a system for marketing management

Featured Speakers


Kirsten Eisenhut-Kallee

Kirsten is the Social Media Manager at Sivantos – a global manufacturer of premier hearing brands such as Signia and Siemens. She works to build and maintain Sivantos’ global brands through the planning, production, and distribution of social and digital content.


Caitlin McCormick

Caitlin McCormick

Caitlin McCormick is the Marketing Operations Manager at Percolate, a software company building The System of Record for Marketing. Caitlin manages cross-channel initiatives ranging from events and advertising to content publishing and marketing engineering.